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January 21, 2010

embracing it all….

hello all!
We have been oh so busy with the holidays, work, and traveling! I will be heading back to CA from NY in a few days after a great month long visit. I’m looking forward to editing many beautiful weddings we just shot. I truly love working in the wedding film industry…. I get a glimpse of every couples unique love, I get the energy that radiates off of them, I get to capture the intimacy of first dances and the emotions of their day of promises. I get so pumped for their future, knowing how beautiful marriage is. Every wedding is uniquely inspiring in it own way. We are so thankful to be swamped with so much work right now. It’s more of an honor to be part of someones wedding than it is “work”, so thank you to all our wonderful brides for letting us be part of your day!
While I am busy with weddings, Noah is busy editing the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Which is a large surf contest held in Hawaii every year. The office he’s working at is near the coast so its been a challenge for him dredging through traffic everyday, but he’s getting use to it and that gives him the chance to surf before work. He has a slew of other projects he’s been working on as well: snowboard documentary, EPK’s, surfing documentary, short film, etc. We’ve been soaking up nights and weekends together since Noah has such a busy schedule right now.
I’ve had some time lately to sit back and reflect. Time flies!!  West Palm will always hold a piece of me, its where Noah and I fell in love, where I met all my lovely gals and so many memories blossomed. I cherish all my friends and experiences there, always. Right now, I’m in this new chapter of my life where I really don’t know whats going to happen next…and I kinda like it, its exhilarating. I’m trying not to focus on planning the future but rather savoring the moments of life that unfold everyday. Organizing the future is exhausting and I find myself disappointed as it never plays out as anticipated. When you live in the moment you live more fully…embracing it all.
So with this new year I am going to be taking a yoga teacher training that I’m really excited about. I’m so thankful that I am able to do this for myself. I’m anxious to learn not only more of the physical benefits of yoga but also the philosophy. I’ve notice a difference in my own attitude towards life and people since I began practicing but I’m looking forward to digging deep into my emotions and heart and dealing with more deeply the joys, pains, excitement, grief, love, and truth of life. I know its going to be a growing experience that stretches me in many ways- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. More to come!


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