california sunshine.

hello friends!

we are finally all settled in to our new california home! we had packed up all our life in to a 6 x 7 x 8 pod and began our four day drive from florida to california with a leap of faith. it was most certainly a long, long, long drive but we loved seeing some beautiful parts of this world together. noah drove the entire way, his second dream job was to be a truck driver, i’m not kidding! our kittie, roxie, was such a good girl and slept the entire way and our pup, clarity, was panting away the whole time and wouldn’t sleep a bit…. so eventually i had to give her a tranquilizer to calm her down, she fought it and wanted to stay awake, i’ll post a video later of her falling asleep standing up 🙂

but eventually we made it to cali! we had never seen our new apartment in person but we were pleasantly surprise when we saw it, it was bigger than expected…in fact, its the perfect size for us and we LOVE it. i will post some photos later of everything. we had our great friends pete, bryan, and ben to welcome us the first night.

nikki’s mom came to visit us shortly after we arrived so they got to do some exploring together. we went to our local farmers market, bike rides, shopping in downtown pasadena, griffith park, santa monica pier, newport beach, a Japanese surf contest, and the americana for more shopping. it was great to have her here to spend time together and for her to see our new home. we love the area, there’s always something new to do and the weather is beautiful!

noah has been busy working with an action sports production company in santa monica as well as working on editing projects with his company voda films. we are more than thankful that he already has work out here. he goes surfing almost every morning before work near manhattan beach so he is for sure loving that 🙂 i’ve been working from home on lovebirds film, which is our wedding film company.  i’ve been cooking, practicing yoga,  and adjusting to a slower paced life for right now. sometimes its hard to be okay with stillness and quietness when you are use to a fast pace lifestyle, but i’m trying to enjoy it because you don’t have many moments like that in life.

we’ve been spending time with some of our friends that we went to school with in florida that now live in california. noahs brother, luke, and wife, jenny live close by so its been great hanging out with them too. finally, the brothers are back in the same state 🙂

we are enjoying the chill in the air and embracing this new, exciting, scary adventure together. we are celebrating our one year anniversary on the 26th, its been an amazing journey this past year together. we’ve gone through a lot of changes in just one year but we’ve held on to each others hand throughout it all.  love you all.

nikki & noah

the carlsons.


2 Comments to “california sunshine.”

  1. love the stories…so happy u guys r lovin ur new place and friends. happy anniversary…enjoy the quiet moments…there are hidden treasures everywhere and in every one you meet….smiles and hugs. [and congrats on the new bagel store]

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